pInspiration... Now What?!

(Sources: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9)
This has been a season of "What's Next?" I think that it's fun to look back through my recent pins and discover what's been on my mind, what I'm drawn to, and what inspires me! Maybe these are a few clues for me about what's next!

Check out the source links for each pic above and tell me your favorites! I am pretty excited about the feeling of summer so I'm thinking basil lemonade and a classy jumper may be in order. :) I'm also really excited to get back to DIY projects and fixing up my studio for a new direction! Those little rock people are amazing and a free giant printable calendar have been pretty excited. :)

What's next for you right now? I know it's something brave and beautiful and creative! Tell me in the comments, or #bebravecreate 

Happy day!

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