Adoption Trip TOMS!

You guys know how I feel about stories. They are important and beautiful! The same is true for the story behind these sweet Toms that I recently shipped to Florida!

The owner of these Toms asked that they be customized for her story as well as her journey to pick up her son from the The Democratic Republic of the Congo! What an honor to create the shoes this sweet mom will wear to pick up her son. Wow.

She asked for a tattoo style with flowers, a heart, wings, swirls and the lyrics to one of her favorite songs, Oceans by Hillsong. (One of my favorites too!)

I hope every time she wears her new custom Toms, she'll think of the journey to bring her son to his forever home! I'm so blessed to have had the opportunity to create them! I added the flag from The Democratic Republic of the Congo on the back of each shoe....

This is my last custom painting for a little while as I begin to branch out to new and different projects. I have loved painting so many stories and I look forward to what's ahead! Thanks as always for reading and supporting.. you guys are the best!

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