5 Tips for Bravely Reading

So one of my goals this year was to start reading more. What better place to start than the local library? Oh how I LOVE going to our new branch and gathering up all kinds of books to read! Here are a few tips for being more of a "reader" by using the library!

1. Get a Library Card.
Even if you can't imagine using it, you REALLY won't if you don't have one. Plus, take it from me, you'll probably be hooked from the day you get your card!

2. Check out a Variety of Books!
In the beginning I thought I'd mostly stick to cookbooks and biography, but with endless possibilities, I have tried all kinds of books! I have checked out books on going vegan, gardening, lots of cookbooks and even young adult novel. I think the ones I enjoy most are memoirs from a celebrity, a set of separated twins and the co-founder of Twitter! You never know what you might like.

3. Make Time & Set Goals.
I think the hardest part for me so far is to make time to read. I have discovered that setting aside a little time each day helps me be more intentional. Also since I am only allowed to keep a book for 3 weeks, having that time limit encourages me to make a plan before I have to return my books.

4. Libraries are Free!
Also, the best part of checking out books from the library is that I can check out any book for free! As long as I don't have over-due books, I never have to pay a dime and I have access to all sorts of books!

5. Wind Down & Relax. 
Lastly, I used to always wind down in front of the tv but there's something really great about grabbing my current read instead! I'm not saying I never veg and watch tv.... but sometimes winding down with a good book is a refreshing change.

Are you a reader? Are you hoping to be? Let's go on this brave journey together! If you live in Midland, be sure to check out the Midland County Library's 2 locations, one downtown and one next to Best Buy. When you get your library card, be sure to set up an online account so you can hold books and keep track of your due dates online! Get more info here.

Happy reading!

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