Your Painted Story: Retro Cooking Toms

I've been anxiously waiting to share these Toms with you! A "Retro Cooking" themed inspired by Julia Child?! Adorable and inspiring... I had a blast designing them for my sweet friend Mattie. Today she's sharing the story behind them and I think it's just awesome! Bon Appetiti!

What is the story behind your Toms?

Through my friend Sarah (who is the owner of the amazing British Invasion TOMS) I've gotten to know Molly in person and via her blog :) I squealed with delight when Sarah gifted me a pair of TOMS and a gift certificate from Specs and Wings for my birthday this year! It really has been the BEST birthday gift I've ever received because it came from two dear friends. 

photo by Mattie Pawlowic
I asked Molly to create a retro cooking theme. I've been a big Julia Child fan since the movie Julie and Julia came out, and I ended up reading several biographies about her afterwards. Julie Child is so inspiring to me because she lived a life without fear and full of adventure. She has lived across the world (including several countries in Asia and Europe), got married later in life, and started a career in cooking basically from nothing...

... She wasn't overwhelmed by these challenges and didn't think of herself as "too old" or "too American" or "too different" to take on these adventures. What a great story about courage, love, and determination! It's been a year full of changes for me (graduating and moving) so wearing these TOMS remind me to enjoy the adventure :)

What's your favorite thing about them?

That is such a difficult question because I love every detail Molly included! I love that there are small hearts on the toes, polka-dots on the sides, and bows on the back. And I especially love that Molly included my favorite quotes from Julia Child on the front. I gave Molly a few ideas of things I thought that would fit the theme and I am completely blown away with how perfect they are! 

How will you style your Toms?

I'm definitely planning to wear these while I cook in my kitchen... I have a cute white apron with black polka-dots and ruffles that will match perfectly :) Also the colors are great for summer so I plan to wear them a lot for coffee and dinner dates with my husband, out shopping with my sister, or out with friends from work. TOMS are so comfortable, so I can see these becoming my go-to shoes for the summer.

Thanks to Sarah and Molly for the best birthday present ever! 

photo by Mattie Pawlowic

"Find something your passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it." -Julia Child

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