Artful Bloggin Summer 2014

I feel so honored to have had the chance to write another article for Artful Blogging! The summer issue came out a few days ago and I wanted to give you guys a peek. :) I was thinking about how often I get stuck for a blog topic or find myself scurrying around "the day of" a post and it just feels crazy. In this article I share few tips for planning ahead and how to get some relief for the frantic blogger (aka...usually me! ha!)

I've been working on making these changes for awhile (the ones I share in the article) and when I do, I feel like I'm a much better writer, take better photos, have more original content and I'm more proud of what I post! I hope it encourages you too!

I had a little photo re-printed from my blog in the front of the magazine too.... So fun!

If you'd like a copy, just visit your local Barnes & Noble or order online from the Stampington & Co. website. Thanks as always for your support. I never dreamed I would get to write for one of my favorite publications and having my own column is a dream come true!

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