DIY Watercolor Hand-Shaped Dish

I've been wanting a pretty place to keep little odds and ends on my vanity. I have been looking for something for awhile and finally I realized I should be brave and make it myself!  You can too!

Here's what you'll need:
-1 Box of Oven Bake Clay (I used Sculpey brand)
-Clay Tools (or just use your hands!)
-Paint Brush

1. Warm up a ball of clay with your hands and it will become really soft and easy to shape!
2. Push both thumbs into the middle of your clay and begin to move them around to create an edge for your dish. In art class we called this a "pinch pot".
3. Smooth the center and around the edge using ceramic tools or your fingers. I like to leave it with a bit of a "hand-shaped" look so that when I paint it, the watercolor can move about into all of the nooks. :)

4. Follow the directions on your clay for baking.
5. Once your dish has cooled, use watercolor to outline the edges and allow some to drip into the center. 
6. Continue to add water or paint for a pretty watercolor effect.
7. Once your paint is dry, paint a gloss varnish over the top and edges. (Hint: "lay" the varnish on and try not to smear your paints, watercolor is a bit fickle!)

Once your varnish dries, you've got a pretty little dish to hold your jewelry, change, keys, etc! They also make great gifts. :) Go be brave and try it yourself! You CAN do it! :) When you do, please share on instagram @specsandwings #bebrave.

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