Marble Stained Beads DIY

I love wooden beads, they are just so pretty and the wood grain is so unique! I wanted to make a necklace with wooden beads that wouldn't hide the texture... maybe even add some. ;) Enter stain. But instead of just painting it on as normal, this DIY will give your beads a "marbled" effect! Check it out...

You'll need:
-Wooden Beads (from any craft store)
-Wood Stain
-Gloss Varnish

(Always follow the directions on the stain and work in a well ventilated area!)

1. Put a little stain on a paper towel.

2. Rub your bead on the paper towel but only in certain areas. Turn your bead and rub it again until you've got a little on each side.

3. Let the stain dry as directed on the can.
4. Paint your beads with the gloss varnish and let them dry.
5. String up your bead with a pretty twine and it's ready to wear!

I love the earthy look and the unique textures! Some fun variations would be to change up the size of beads, paint a few of them a color or string them up on ribbon! Have fun with it and share your creations on instagram @specsandwings #bebrave.

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