Creative Life...

What's been going on lately? Here's a peek from the pics on my phone....

-I had an article published in Artful Blogging and my sweet friend Mattie went out and got one! How sweet!

-Mexi-Veggie bowl for lunch

-Making a watercolor coffee filter banner (more on that soon!)

-Finding better snacks... I never thought I'd be so into Kale until some genius put ranch on it.... YUM!

-When I was feeling in a bit of a slump a few months back, I decided to make a list with a few BIG dreams and keep it on my computer screen.... one is coming true tomorrow! (more soon)

-My friend Alison's new jewelry line is out! It's amazing and based on her travels. I pretty much wear my necklace every change I get! Shop here!

Hope your weekend is awesome! What's going on in your creative life?

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