Creative Life on Growing

This feels like a season about growing... in all kinds of ways!

I've been super interested in growing my own veggies and herbs. I feel like there's such a disconnect between farm and table for me..... as in my idea of a food cycle is "food comes from HEB and then we eat what we can, then we throw it away and it disappears".. ha ha! I know how silly that sounds, but that's how I've lived for so long! I want to know what it's like to grown something myself and eat off the vine. I want to see the miracle of how God provides first hand. I'm really excited about starting our own garden this summer!

I feel like I'm seeking to grow in knowledge.This is a season I'm eager to learn, ask for advice from experts (like my dear friend Danielle who's a champion gardener!) and check out books from the library to read up on whatever I want to learn.

This is a season of growing relationships with friends, family and my sweet Jeremy. I've loved getting to spend time with both of our siblings lately and bonding with local bloggers. These pics are from our date night last week... it was full of lots of sweet conversation! :)

Is this a growing season for you? In what ways are you growing or seeking to grow? Tell us in the comments!

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