Coffee Filter Banner DIY

My dear blogger friend Alison agreed to host a Local Bloggers Meet-Up with me! This was a really big step in being brave for us two introverts, so what's the best way to cope? Why not an awesome, easy DIY project to decorate the event?! So, here's how we made it....

-White Coffee Filters
-Paint Brush
-Water Cup

1. Fold each coffee filter in half twice.
2. Choose a color and watercolor the bottom of your filter. (the paint will spread on it's own!)
3. Create as many as you'd like and let them dry.
4. Cut a piece of twine the length you'd like your banner to be.
5. Cut smaller pieces of twine (maybe around 4-5 inches), the same number as filters
6. Pinch the top of each coffee filter and use a small piece of twine to tie the filter to the long piece of twine.
7. Hang up your banner and enjoy!

Share how you were brave today on Instagram, #bebravecreate and you may see it here soon!

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