A Shy Girl's Guide to Hosting a Local Bloggers Meet-Up!

One of the most brave things I feel I've done lately is host a "Local Bloggers Meet-Up" along with my friend Alison from Sass & Crafts Blog! Just a little back up story, in case you don't know me very well.... I'm VERY shy and a total introvert. Ha! So what made me want to gather up a group of people I don't know very well for coffee talk? Well... 

I have seen big cities host these kinds of events and I always thought it seemed like an awesome idea! If you live in a big city full of bloggers, it would be a great chance to meet people and find a community of support. But then I just sort of thought, "Nothing like that would ever happen in my tiny town."  

And I was right.... except that I could change that fact. I could find the few lovely bloggers in my small hometown and host a little get together! I'm no party planner and I am certainly not the life of the party, but I decided that this was something I needed to just be brave and do! I wanted to have a little time face to face with other bloggers in my city... no screens or keyboards or comment sections in our way this time... just a lovely time of coffee talk. 

So what did I do? I immediately asked someone to help me! When Alison agreed to throw this meet-up with me, I was completely relieved! We got together and chose a place, time, planned decorations and treats, and sent out e-vites with our fingers crossed that someone might catch our vision. 

Yesterday you saw how we made this cute coffee filter banner! Plus Alison brought her adorable pom-pom banner (DIY here!) Alison made delicious salted chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (I die. I may have eaten three...ha!) and I picked up a few bundles of fresh flowers. We each brought our own decorations from home and made it all work! I couldn't believe how cute it turned out... now all we had left to do was wait for someone to arrive...

You would laugh at our nervousness, but we were both a little worried that we might have decorated this downtown coffee shop for just the two of us to have a fancy coffee! It was 2:00 and no one had arrived yet. My husband had so sweetly told me that even if no one came, it was a success that I tried something so far out of my comfort zone. (How sweet is that?!) But I really wanted someone to show up...

Come back on Monday to see how everything turned out! 

Until then, enjoy our pretty decorations and tell me something brave you've done lately on instagram #bebravecreate .... you just might see it here on the blog! 

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