Local Bloggers Coffee Talk!

(Continued from Friday)
Well, as you can see, we had SIX local bloggers show up! All different styles, all different reasons for blogging, some knew each other, some didn't... but we were all bloggers. I was so excited and nervous, I had no idea what to do! ha! Thankfully, these sweet friends jumped in and started some great conversations...

We talked about why we started our blogs in the first place. Some had been blogging for years and some had just started, or started again. Some blogged about their family and adoption, some about community or photography, fashion and travel.... and it didn't matter that our blogs were so different! It was such a comfort to hear that we all struggle with what to write, technology disasters, and even discouragement when we don't have the response we'd hope for from our readers.

We talked about how to deal with mean comments and even planning out blog posts! I felt so understood and encouraged when we parted ways. What a blessing this little time was! Sure it was a little quiet and awkward at first, but once we started to open up and talk about our lives, even beyond blogging, it felt easier to share..... and yes, they all had grace for me being so shy and socially awkward.. ha!!

Do yourself a favor, and plan one of these as soon as possible in your own town! I hope I've used up all of your excuses about being to shy or nervous... you can do it!!! You'll be so glad you did!

If you can't imagine hosting a Local Bloggers Meet-Up by yourself, grab a friend or a group and make it fun! I can't imagine doing this without Alison! I'm also super excited to writing more tips in the next issue of Artful Blogging Magazine. :)

Doing something brave or need some encouragement? Comment below or connect through Instagram #bebravecreate !

*All photos by Alison Holcomb Photography

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