A Doll for Ruby!

My sweet friend is having a little baby girl in a couple of months and I really wanted to make her something special! I've been searching and planning to make something since I she found it was a girl but nothing was quite right until I found this sweet doll pattern by The Black Apple, free on Martha Stewart's website!

At first I had planned a little more detail, but I'm not the best at sewing so I ended up keeping her pretty simple. Spoiler alert: this patter is cool! I never knew how to make a doll- you'll love it!

Then I made her some little "ruby slippers", a bow and a collar out of felt, then added a little ribbon detail. Finally I finished up by painting a sweet but simple face on Ruby's new doll! I can't wait to meet little Ruby and I hope she loves her little handmade doll!

Have you ever made a doll? If so, I'd love to see it! If you want to try it out, this pattern is a great way to start! :) Happy Monday!

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