I LOVE this vase by Emily Reinhardt  aka "The Object Enthusiast".. (love that!)
& this lovely print from Britt Bass Turner who paints about process... gorgeous. 

I'm pretty sure I need to make some of this whipped coconut oil body butter- how cool is that?!
& breakfast quinoa sounds pretty delightful, no?!

These custom mid-century portraits by Jordan Grace Owens are so dreamy!
& I might be dreaming of this cauliflower mac and cheese from Love & Lemons...yum.

Watercolor flowers by Helen Dealtry that combine all of my favorite warm colors...so perfect!
& identifying with this quote :)

So... that's a peek at what I've been pinning this week! I promise this busy season at work will end in a couple of weeks and I'll be back to blogging more consistently. : / If anyone is still reading, please send me some encouragement today by commenting your favorite quote or song. :)

Happy weekend!

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