7 Tips for STELLAR Gallery Walls!

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? I just love them! It could be my love of collage taken to a grand scale or the way I am into anything eclectic, but they are just awesome! Today I want to share a few tips on how to make your gallery wall stellar! ...

Domestic Fasionista
 1. Include different shapes besides just frames... these vintage plates are great!

Good Hosuekeeping
 2. Think texture! Why not include a mirror or other shimmery surface?

Little Green Notebook
 3. Use clips so that you can easily change up the imagery in your gallery anytime!

 4. Frame "things" that are important to you like handwritten cards and letters or mementos from trips!

Casa Sugar
 5. Paint a big frame shape and hang everything inside. This will really make each work of art stand out!

Belle Maison 23
 6. Something old. Include a pretty find from your thrifting adventures or that belonged to your grandma!

Liz Marie Blog
7. Start hanging your gallery pieces in a corner so that you can add your collection.

Hope these beautiful images and 7 tips will inspire you to create a gallery wall in your home! Need some tips on how to hang it? My awesome friend Ragan from Painterly Passion has a how-to right here!

I am dreaming of creating something like this in my home too. :) Need a custom painting to add to your gallery wall? I'd love to create one for you! For details, click here.

Happy day!

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