Metallic Valentines DIY with Uncommon Goods!

Valentines is my absolute FAVORITE holiday! You may still be looking for the perfect gift for the ones you love. Uncommon Goods is partnering with me today to bring you this post and share some unique gift ideas. Click here for ideas for women, for men's gifts click here, & for unique gifts for anyone click here!

Uncommon Goods is a lovely online shop full of unique designs and handmade gifts, the perfect place to find your Valentine something one of a kind! Be sure to stop by their blog to see artist studio tours and discover interesting facts, by clicking here! Also, with every purchase they donate $1 to the non-profit of your choice! What's not to love?!

So, once you find the perfect gift, why not attach a handmade card? Today I want to share 3 easy and beautiful metallic valentines that you can make for your loves. Enjoy!

Gold Glitter Stamped Valentines
For your dear girlfriends who love anything that sparkles, this card is perfect!

- fine gold glitter
- white glue (that dries clear)
- small paint brush
- valentines rubber stamps
- kraft cards & envelopes

1. Paint your rubber stamp generously with white glue and stamp it onto your card.
2. Sprinkle glitter over the stamped area and tap off the excess.
3. Paint glue on the inside of the envelope, sprinkle with glitter & tap off the excess.
4. Be sure to clean your stamp and brush quickly before the glue dries on them!

Copper Dipped Modern Valentines
For anyone, even the guys in your life! This card gives the look of being "dipped" in paint without the mess.

-copper acrylic paint
-paint brush
-kraft cards & envelopes

1.Tape of an area on your card near an edge so that it will have a "dipped" look.
2. Paint the copper paint onto the taped off area.
3. Remove the tape carefully to keep your clean lines.
4. Repeat steps on the envelope too!

Silver Embossed Valentines
I love the simplicity of this one plus it's so easy to make each one unique and say anything you want!

-silver acrylic paint
-paint brush
-white glue (that dries clear)
-small & large brush
-kraft cards & envelopes

1. Dip your paint brush right into the glue! Paint a word across your card and let it dry.
2. Use the large brush to swipe across your "glue word".
3. Repeat steps to add a heart to your envelope!

I hope you enjoyed these simple, fun and unique DIY, brought to you by "Uncommon Goods"! Happy Valentines Day!

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