Your Story: T.J. Mousetis of "walk in love."

I'm so excited to share this story today... you guys are sure to be inspired to take what God gave YOU and inspire others! Introducing T.J. with "walk in love."

The Story behind "walk in love."....

T.J. Mousetis started walk in love. during the summer of 2005. His only goal was to raise enough money to travel to Russia on a misson trip with his Dad. T.J. purchased 100 blue shirts, printed them with the phrase "walk in love", and sold them to friends, family, church members. Even a random stranger or two bought shirts online via T.J.'s Myspace page! Due to the success of the original walk in love. shirt, T.J. has been able to return to Russia several times since his first trip. But it only took one trip to Russia to give T.J. his passion for designing and selling t-shirts. 

By 2008 walk in love. was a company with multiple designs and a demand to "get bigger!" Knowing that expansion for walk in love. needed to happen quickly and creatively, T.J. decided to start that process by getting professional photos of his shirts. So naturally, he Facebooked a cute girl from church who was a photographer. She agreed to do free photos in exchange for a few walk in love. t-shirts. That photographer was Brooke - and a year later T.J. and Brooke tied the knot. Upon combining their creative powers, T.J. and Brooke dove head first into making walk in love. a full-time company and business - with a new website, dozens of new shirts and styles, and a seasonal kiosk at their local mall. 

Through the love, support and financial donations of hundreds of people, walk in love. opened it's first brick-and-mortar retail store in April of 2011.  Today the mission statement of walk in love. remains the same as the first day we started - Walk in love. is dedicated to selling well-designed, high quality products with a positive and inspiring message. 

What's the heart behind "walk in love."?
Walk in love. is dedicated to selling well-designed, high quality products with a positive and inspiring message. That message is a reminder to imitate God by loving others every chance we get - no strings attached. We believe that Jesus came and showed us how to be that message. We want you to walk in love.

What Inspires you?
The love of Jesus is what inspires every design we do.  I know that seems like a cheesy answer but our desire is that no matter how the designs actually look they will draw people closer to Christ.

Tell us about your blog!
I actually don’t do a lot of the blogging.  That falls to our creative team made up of my wife (@brookecourtney) and our friend Liz (@elizabethparrett).  It’s very obvious to me while watching them is that they have a desire and gift to create.  There favorite thing to see is when people are inspired by an idea of their and take it and run with it.

Favorite T-shirt Story...
I don’t have one specific story that I like over the others but I have a favorite type of story and it usually goes something like this.  “I was wearing a shirt the other day and someone did something to me that I normally would have reacted negatively to but I looked down at my shirt and remembered that I need to walk in love.”  We hear that story all the time and I still love it just as much every time.  We created walk in love. to be a reminder to people that living a life of love is a choice you get to make over and over again in your daily life.  We want to remind you to make the right choice and to walk in love.

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