Sketching: Paper vs. Digital

When I was in art class as a kid and even in college, sketching was "the boring part". I couldn't wait to finish drawing with pencil so I could use the pens, colored pencils and paint that would come later! Now that I'm doing art on my own and outside of a structured environment, I see what my teachers and professors were talking about... it's important to start with a good base sketch before adding color. Plus, now it's FUN!

Sometimes I am hired to sketch images for a an upcoming event or to show an idea for a painting and although I still can't wait to dive into the actual project, making my plans through a sketch always helps! I have always used a light pencil with a textured paper to do sketches. Then if necessary, I would use colored pencils to add shading and show the color palette. I've recently discovered that I can do sketching through my iPad as well! Which do I like better? Well...

Paper Sketching:

- I love the feel of a pencil in hand and tactile paper
- Softer look and feel
- I have more experience with this medium

- More difficult to share online or through email
- Many supplies needed
- Sometimes inconvenient

Digital Sketching:

-Your tablet has all of the supplies you need! (plus your finger or stylus)
- Easily save, share and get responses from clients or friends
- More easily make changes with a quick erase!
- Takes up less space

- Could show different shades of colors on screen or in print-out when shared
- No actual paper texture or tactile feeling
- Loss of softness and "character" in some cases
- I've got less experience with this medium

I like each of these formats for sketching and I plan to continue using each of them for their strengths! Recently I sent a digital sketch for quick approval (see above) and sketched a couple of quick ideas for the next two pairs of Toms I'll be painting! I'm really enjoying learning this new technique and if you have a custom painting coming up, I may be sending YOU digital sketches!

If you'd like to try out digital sketching, I recommend the app Paper 53! It's been amazing and I love using all of the extra elements like the paint blender and watercolor brush! This video sold me on it right away...

Voted app of the year for 2013! Download it here!

*Not a sponsored post, I just love y'all and wanted to share! All opinions are my own ;)

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