9 Beautifully Inspiring E-Magazines (for free!)

I love magazines. Flipping through the beautiful pages of perfectly styled and photographed images plus inspiring content... I always close the magazine with a big grin, eager to begin my next creative project!  I'd say magazines are probably one of my favorite sources of inspiration, but they are pretty costly so I have to limit myself on paper editions. 

Did you know there's a free online alternative? E-magazines! I discovered a whole new world of beauty and artistry that can easily be accessed online through your computer or tablet! Find DIY craft projects, interviews with artists, delicious recipes, decorating ideas, and more. I started a Pinterest board filled with my favorites and you are more than welcome to follow it start getting inspired yourself! Make your own boards too and share the link with us!

Get inspired now, or follow my board to easily access these magazines and more whenever is convenient for you! Follow here: Inspiring E-Magazines

Happy Monday!

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