Pinning My Way to 2014!

For me, Pinterest has often been a place to get lost. There are SO MANY beautiful images, ideas, creative DIY's, delicious recipes... but admittedly, I rarely get around to looking back at my boards or actually using the pins I've collected. This year, I know things are about to change!

I've started Lara Casey's 2014 Goal Setting Series and although I haven't been able to set aside time to focus on each step the way I want to, I did decide to start a "Making Things Happen in 2014" pin board as she suggested. I don't know why I've never thought of this before! I'm a VERY visual person so sometimes I get overwhelmed with lots of reading, analytics, or even times of being "too quiet". I get really fired up by imagery, colors and creativity. So, as I started to collect items for my board I tried to keep these ideas in mind...

1. Only pin images that get me really excited or strike a chord in my heart.
2. When I go to see the big picture of my board, delete any pins that don't fit.
3. The things I pinned are directly related to what's on my mind and heart, so I want to ask God to show me the themes/goals He wants me to focus on this year.

That's it! Now as I look at my board, I'm seeing a few different directions I'd like to explore in the new year... namely making healthy choices, spending more time focusing on relationships, reading, simplifying, painting freely and seeking God's heart (that's what the "You are my bucket list" pin stands for for me!)

Now as I go back through the Goal Setting Series to start deciding on specific goals, I'll have a visual guide! And as the year goes on, I can continue to re-visit my board and even keep it fresh.

What about you? Have you made your goals for 2014 yet? Why not start on Pinterest?! Then share your boards in the comments so we can encourage each other. Happy New Year!

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