DIY Tea Latte

I enjoy tea but making it a latte makes it seem so lovely and decadent! I had my first one at Starbucks awhile back and I can't get over how light, simple and delightful this little treat can be. I've been experimenting with tea lattes and I thought I'd share my favorite recipe so far! 

Start with two mugs. Fill one mug half-full with boiling water and let your tea steep for the recommended amount of time. You want it to be a little strong! I used a strainer, but tea bags work great too!

While your tea is steeping, fill another mug half full with almond milk (or regular milk if you prefer!) and warm it in the microwave. Add a little sugar to the warm milk and mix well. (you could also use sweetened or vanilla almond milk-yum!)

Pour the tea from the first mug into the milk mug and stir! This is such a fun afternoon treat... experiment with different combinations until you find your favorite. My favorites so far are earl grey lattes and chocolate mint lattes!

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