5 Apps to Keep Your Resolutions!

When the new year comes, so do new goals and resolutions! Wondering how to keep your momentum? I say, set yourself up for success! If there are tools to help, use them! These are my top 5 favorite iPhone apps to help me be intentional about my goals in 2014. I hope they will help you too!

This app is so great for memorizing truth! Choose your Bible verse and test yourself... there are all kinds of tests from voice-recording to fill-in-the-blank. Keep your verses right in your pocket to review throughout the day, when you're waiting in line or want to play a quick "game". You can also set it to send you reminders! 

My Fitness Pal:
An app to quickly add up your calories throughout the day! Keep a diary using their vast library of food or simply scan the bar code on any food package. If you're wanting to count your calories, I think this is a fantastic and easy to use tool.

Do! (Spring):
A pretty list maker! I love this for a quick to-do list or to keep my random ideas for blog posts! You can change the look of your lists, change the fonts, sounds, reminders and even add washi tape! What?!? Simple, organized and awesome.

A Beautiful Mess App:
This app helps keep taking photos on my phone because I can make them pretty! I also love this app because the collage feature works great with Project Life, too. Keep your memories, share, print and make them pretty!

iBook App:
Want to spend more time reading? Keep books with you all the time! I love using the iBook app to download books for fun reading, study, or even cook books! You can change the size of the text, the brightness and even "flip pages" with the swipe of your finger. And best of all .. there are tons of FREE iBooks in the "store" to choose from or best-sellers for $3.99 and under! Sync with your other devises too.

I hope you enjoy these great apps and that you keep moving toward your goals this year! You can do it!!! For more of my favorite apps, watch for the new Artful Blogging Magazine coming out February 1st. Happy day!

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