Telling Your Story Through Packaging!

I was recently asked about packaging design again! I haven't done it in quite awhile (for clients that is!) but it reminded me how much I've enjoyed it in my own business and how fun it is to help other creative entrepreneurs tell their story through their packaging!

Do you have a creative business? Maybe you're a baker who needs to package beautiful cupcakes and cookies for delivery! Or a photographer who wants to make their client feel super special when they unwrap their memories! Do you sell handmade jewelry or accessories on Etsy? Maybe your shipments need a fun new look?! Even if you don't wrap the items you create (because they're large re-finished furniture or you do consulting) I'd love to help you create an experience for your client that they will never forget!

So, I'm excited to announce that I'm currently accepting clients interested in packaging-design consulting! Only  for one client per month. This way you'll get more focused attention and we can really make a design that tells your story!

A few of things to keep in mind:
1. I'm not a graphic designer and at this point, I cannot design logos or business cards. (but perhaps in the future!)

2. Since every client and business is different, I don't currently offer specific pricing, but let's discuss your budget and what kind of packaging you're needing and we'll decide on a price before I begin (no surprises!)

3. Packaging is important to your business because it represents YOU, your feelings toward your client and gives them an unforgettable experience!

Ready to get started?! I'm so passionate about creative businesses... working with you would be a dream come true! Send me an email and let's start talking! specsandwings@gmail.com

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