How Do You Take Your Coffee? (& A Giveaway!)

Beautiful Mint White Hot Cocoa from Lauren Conrad's Blog (you can even give it a little green tint to make it fancy!)

p.s. I know this isn't coffee, but it's too fun not to share! Plus you could add coffee if wanted!

This Organic Peppermint Mocha recipe from Sincerely Kinsey has me very excited... plus this is the start of a series called "Coffee Diaries".... can't wait to see more! 

walk in love. will be joining us for a Your Story post soon! (Can't wait!) They created these awesome mugs to start the new year (plus they're on sale)! Check em out along with a great idea for Nutella coffee (yum!).

Cold-Brewed Maple Almond Iced Coffee from Coffee & Quinoa Blog.... this looks pretty and refreshing! I've never tried cold-brew, have you?

Calling All Coffee Lovers!
Just for fun, I'm giving away some of my 4x6 coffee prints! There will be two winners that will each receive BOTH of these prints! Just leave a comment about how you take your coffee and don't forget your email address too! :) I'll announce the winner on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Sip on!

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