Your Painted Story!

Painting your stories has been such an honor. It's hard to describe the way it feels when you entrust me with your story and allow me to design and paint a celebration, reminder or encouragement right on a canvas or pair of Toms! Plus, you all have become my dear friends through sharing life together. :)

Today I'm excited to share a new addition to S&W Blog! I'll be sharing your stories behind each finished work of art! Of course if your story is personal or you'd rather not share, that's totally fine too. But, for anyone who's willing to share the story behind their painting, I think we would all be encouraged and build a sweet community in this little corner of blog-land!

Next time you order a custom painting and fill out an order form, there will be a place to choose if you'd like participate. I hope you'll say yes! There's nothing better than hearing your story straight from YOU!

Have you ordered a painting or Toms? What's your story?

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