Finishing... a painting, but I can't leave anything alone so I keep adding textures and colors!

Wearing.... autumn colors. I describe these colors as anything you'd find in the "Bold" Crayoloa Marker box.

Trying.....lipstick. I know, I know, shouldn't I have already tried this by now? I've been on "team chapstick" for my whole life, but something about a pretty color makes me feel a little more polished. :)

Anticipating... two new partnerships! I'm SO excited to be working with two of my favorite brands on some upcoming blog posts.. Liquitex and Photojojo! Eeek!

Taking... about a million photos at a time on my phone. (Sorry insta-followers!)

Trying... a lot of new things in my paintings lately! I'm so thankful for the best clients ever who give me so much freedom!

Thinking.... about Christmas! I know it's a little early, but tell me you haven't thought about it.. BUSTED! :)

Sipping...... late night cider!

Slowing...... down for my favorite season.. fall. all. the. way.

Remembering....... the reason I love scarves. The first art teacher I had in school who taught us "real" art techniques (like besides macaroni art) and how she wore  a pretty, artsy scarf everyday. :)

I hope you guys are having an amazing week! Lots more fun stuff to share soon!
happy day!

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