Being Brave in the Studio

 I know I already showed a little peek at this painting the other day, but I wanted tell you a little more about the story behind it ....

I started with a 24x36 wood panel canvas and a few ideas.. .but I wasn't sure. I'd been trying to start this painting for weeks. My sweet friend who ordered this painting let me run wild, so what was I so afraid of? Finally, I started... and yes, my first couple of ideas totally flopped. This picture was the third attempt and by far one of the most fun and liberating pieces I've done!

Once I had the background covered in beautiful paint colors I planned out the lettering for the phrase she wanted.... "Courage my Love". How fitting... right? I needed to take courage. God has given me the opportunity to create, encourage, uplift and share stories about how great He is! I want to be brave in my painting... I love to think of Him whispering to me.... "Courage my Love". He gives me everything I need.

It's still not quite done, I'm in the "straightening & touch up" phase and then I may want to add more, who knows! I can't wait to share this finished painting with you. Thanks for letting me share a bit of the journey.

I'm sharing lots of progress on Instagram: @specsandwings

Do you need some courage today? Check out Joshua 1:9!

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