Behind the Scenes

Here are a few "in progress" shots from my most recent set of paintings. I had a blast painting them and I thought you might like a little peek behind the scenes...

I discovered how much I love using chalk to map out my lettering!

When I started to paint the lettering, I ended up trying silver (too dark) and then white (too stark) and finally landed on white with a transparent layer of silver over it!

I the best part of painting these? Splatter painting the stars! I can't remember the last time I used that technique and I LOVED the results! I painted a little layer of purple over some of the stars and used a bright white to brighten others. This brought a lot of depth!

I think I spent the most time on the skyline though. It's more difficult when you're painting a real place with specific structures and straight lines (gasp! :) but I used a ruler and level to get it straight and then painted over and over the lines until I was happy with them.

This set of paintings were so fun to create and I also learned so much! I'll share the final, detailed pictures later this week!
Happy day!

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