Packaging Design

If you're a new reader (welcome!), you may not know my obsession with packaging! :) Since I'm not currently selling small items in my etsy shop, I don't do as much packaging/shipping as I used to, but sometimes I get to ship something I've painted! This was a pair of Toms being sent to another state (so cool!) so I wrapped the Toms box in cool paper and stickers and even a few cut outs!

I hope when someone receives a package from Specs & Wings, it's an "event" or a special gift they can't wait to unwrap! I love to create a little experience with everything I mail. :)

Have you ever received a package from S&W? Or from another artist that had fun wrapping? Tell me your stories!

p.s. I hope to fill up my etsy shop again soon! Taking a hiatus to get some items prepared. Then my packaging obsession can continue!

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