Behind the Specs: Packaging

Bags, stickers, tags, tape, string, cards....I just LOVE packaging and paper goods! You should see my Pinterest board for "Identity and Packaging"...I just can't get enough! So when it came to changing my branding, I got SO EXCITED to gather everything I'd need for creative packaging. :)

I created this board and started filling it with packaging ideas...I worked on it for months! Some items (like the fabric) are to bring in the mood of the colors...

Other items are specifically designed to be used in packaging....like my business cards by Kate Dominguez and a logo stamp by The Penny Paper Co! Most of my other creative packaging items come from etsy.com vendors or are printed by moo.com. If you have a question about where anything came from, feel free to ask! :)

Why do I like packaging so much? I love to create a wrapping for something I've painted that makes the client feel like they are unwrapping a gift! Packaging is part of branding...which is every part of a client's experience. I want for someone to know I so personally created their work of art and carefully wrapped it up with them in mind. :) I hope that I can build my brand in a way that someone could receive something  know immediately that it's from S&W!

Or if you're wanting some help gathering packaging to fit your business branding, shoot me an email for rates! I'd LOVE to create a board like this for you! (Previous packaging designs here & here!)

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