Custom Packaging for Amanda McNeely Photography!

I've been waiting a long time to tell y'all about this because I was still pinching myself to make sure it was real!....But it was!!! Remember this post back in February? It was my first real "meeting" with a client (although, I really just consider her to be my friend!) and I was SO EXCITED! 

I was meeting with Amanda from Amanda McNeely Photography about designing custom packaging for her photography business!!! I could hardly contain myself because I LOVE PACKAGING for one, but also because I felt like it was really happening....I was starting to really live my DREAM of being an artist!

Having never designed packaging before, I had a lot of research to do and inspiration to find! I searched all across the web for designs, colors, ideas, and vendors that would fit Amanda's brand. I was so excited to see it all come together and then to finally present everything to her! (She loved it!!!)

I posted each idea on a buliten board so that I could easily present each technique and style of packaging to her. I wanted her to have plenty of options for mixing and matching!

These are a few of the strings, tapes, ribbons, fabrics and stickers to package her next amazing set of photos!

The ribbon is made from a custom fabric that I ordered to fit her branding! 

I found some really fun additions for any package like tiny clothespins,  yellow ticket stubs and aqua journaling tags! I also loved getting to use her custom logo stamps to make embossed tags in her colors.

This was another packaging design for Amanda using custom photo boxes and twine wrapped white bags!
I also asked Ragan from Painterly Passion to make this beautiful custom album cover and she did an AMAZING job! See more here!

It's amazing the fun things I've gotten to try out this year! After this big project was set in motion, she also asked me to help her with the Imagination Explosion event and from there I met more sweet client-friends and  this year has exploded in goodness! Thank you all for being a part of that! :) A special thanks to Amanda for such amazing opportunities and for believing in me and my art! You're awesome!

I hope you have the happiest day!

**Some of these photos are courtesy of Amanda McNeely Photography and marked with her logo!**

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