Artist Story: Janet Hill

 An artist that has recently caught my eye is Janet Hill! Her work is so beautiful, fun, nostalgic and the perfect mix of vintage and modern. Feminine and delightful... I can't get enough of her painting subjects or techniques! And don't even get me started on those color choices....dreamy! So, now for a little bit of the story behind this fabulous painter!

Janet Hill started painting her last year of high school and opted out of a Biology major in college to focus on Fine Arts! She says she tries not to think too hard while she paints ...or she says she'll wreck it. She works out of the laundry room in her Canadian home, but doesn't mind because she can get a few loads done while she works!

Janet creates paintings that hold their own stories. Can you imagine what would happen in each scene she creates? What about the women dressed for home, parties or a ride around the block? Each painting holds so much for the viewer's imagination and even memories ...I can get lost, can't you?

Be sure to look at her blog for the stories behind each painting... so full of beautiful detail and witty stories...you'll fall in love for sure! She also so authentically shares her struggles of dealing with her artwork being copied and running her business the best she can. She celebrates beautiful triumphs like having her prints featured on The Mindy Project and her fantastic project 364 Days of Dresses! Her artwork hangs around the world and she's worked with huge names like Tiffany & Co. and Hallmark. She's a glorious inspiration of living a life of doing what you love!

Check out her adorable blog: http://janethillstudio.com/blog
Buy prints here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/janethillstudio

(info source:Interview w/ Bushel & Peck & Janet Hill Studio)

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