Behind the Specs: The Reveal!

I was SO EXCITED as I waited for the first logo design to appear in my inbox! I even dressed up the day it was set to arrive! I just felt like I was finally, truly a professional and the day had come when everything would change. When Liz sent the first design I was blown away! I never knew my logo could like that! It was strong, modern, inspiring, vintage, and I felt like I could truly grow with it instead of grow out of it. :) 

Here's how each round went...

Round 1: Wing Shaped Glasses

Round 2: Vintage Cat Eye and Square Framed Glasses (this is when I realized I wanted the frames to look like my own!) and a feather for the "i"

Round 3: A Few Color Changes

Round 4: Perfection! 

I wish I could show you the beautiful spread she sent, but here's her explanation of each part...

I love that each part of the logo, from the paint texture to the color choices, reflects parts of my story and dreams for this business! Liz did an incredible job and I couldn't be happier with what she created! Needing a new logo design? Be sure to contact Liz Fabry at lizfabry@gmail.com and see her blog at www.lizfabry.blogspot.com.

*Coming up soon in "Behind the Specs": Finding my Vision, My Packaging Design Board, New Blog Design, Printed Elements, Making a Trailer and more!*


Liz Fabry said...

It was SO cool to see this project-story told from the other point of view! You were a dream client - trusting, self-aware, and unique. Thanks for the great experience. And good luck in the future!

Anonymous said...

It suits you so well! Cool to know the back story.



RayeAnn Embrey said...

Awesome! I feel so grateful to have known you when you were just starting out at The Pottery ... I knew then that you had that "special Something" and would go far. Keep in touch...