Mary Kate McDevitt
Last night, after an inspiring coffee with my friend Alison (Vanilla Spice Latte...what!?! It's SO good!) I went home and got organized. I started filling out my calendar for the next few months and realized that I had enough orders to keep me busy for AWHILE! YAY! Thanks everyone! It's fun to kick-off the new Specs & Wings with a full calendar. :) I can't believe I'm getting to live my dreams and share your beautiful stories through art! Wow!

I have a "real" job right now, but someday I'd love to create full time...a full calendar for the next few months makes me feel like that could really happen someday! :) Thanks for your support and your orders...you're making this thing real!

(p.s. Feel free to continue ordering through the links in my navbar and I'll start filling up my summer calendar! Woo Hoo!)


alison said...

so excited you're FULL!! that's awesome. loved our little coffee date:) it was so good catching up. we will have plenty more in july, friend!

Wynne Elder said...

so glad you two had coffee!! yay for inspiration!