DIY Advent Journal

 Today I'm excited to share a Christmas DIY! Nothing gets me in the spirit of Christmas quite like creating, so I thought I'd share a project I did over the weekend. :) As always, I'm a little behind on advent things, but it's never too late to start! There's still plenty of time before Christmas to celebrate the Coming of Christ and this Advent time of anticipation! I wanted to make a journal with a page for each day of advent using things I already had around the house....here's what I did!

1. I found a blank journal and some fun wrapping paper to decorate the cover. I started by cutting out a piece of wrapping paper a bit bigger than my journal, then I painted Mod Podge on the cover smoothed the paper over it.

2. Next I trimmed the paper to about an inch or so around the edges of the journal's cover, and used Mod Podge to glue it inside the cover. Now you should have wrapped edges that cover the outside and inside edges of your journal.

3. Cut two pieces of wrapping paper to fit the insides of the cover and glue them over the raw edges from the paper that covered the front.

4. Now for the extra fun part! Glue on other embellishments to the outside/inside cover and even on the pages!

5. Use stamps, stickers or markers to write each day of advent on the journal pages. :) Now you can start filling it up! Feel free to go back and read Bible Verses for the first week of advent and update your journal for those pages as well. :)

This would make a really sweet gift for a friend or create one for any time of year without the numbers! I hope you're enjoying Advent this year! 

Happy & Merry!

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard of an advent journal before, but what a great idea to remember all the special things you did to celebrate Christmas! And this one is super cute! I can't believe the cover is wrapping paper- I thought it was fabric :)