Deep Peace

I was honored to paint this large, earthy, inspiring painting for my sister's office! She gave me a color scheme, font ideas, and this Irish Proverb that she wanted everyone who enters her office to see. I wanted there to be many places for your eyes to go, but for the whole painting to be calming and peaceful.

"Deep peace of the quiet earth, shining stars, gentle night, 
Moon and stars pour their healing light on you,
Deep peace of Christ, the light of the world to you."

This painting now hangs in my sister's office between two chairs and right in front of her desk! The wall is white and the room has these earth tones, so it fits nicely and the size (3 ft. x3 ft.) fits the space well.

The original phrase she sent me was actually longer, but we decided to shorten it to fit the canvas and allow for larger letters and more artistic touches.

Like a calming bird perched near the top...

A "globe" painted in the "Q" of quite earth...a shooting star and moon...

A pretty "&", and several different fonts that fit each phrase!

I used several different painting techniques, but the one I used for "peace" is my favorite. I painted a light coat of the colors and then sprayed the letters with soapy water to get the texture!

I'm planning to share the process of this painting from inspiration, to sketch, to methods, to technique and troubleshooting! I loved creating this painting and I hope it inspires anyone who sees it! Enjoy Sis!

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