DIY Pom-Pom Christmas Hat

Today I'm excited to share another super fun, super easy DIY for Christmas! The perfect way to add some fun to plain slouchy hat? Pom-Poms! Here's how to make them and add them to a hat!

 1. Wrap yarn around your fingers...ALOT! The more the better if you want a really round pom-pom.
2. Carefully slide the yarn off your fingers and use another piece of yarn to tie around the middle.

 3. Snip through all of the loops on both sides of the tie...then trim the stray yarn to make it "round"

 4. To attach it to the hat, pull each side of the yarn you used to tie the middle, through the "crochet holes" and tie a knot inside. You can even add more than one Pom-Pom or make one really big one!

I hope this gave you a fun idea for a cocoa date or a semi-handmade gift!
happy and merry!

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