Easy Christmas Decorating in a Snap!

One day we had company coming for cocoa and we had only pulled out boxes of Christmas decorations...but hadn't actually done any decorating! In fact, there were still pumpkins out! :) So, I put my quick decorating hostess hat on and made a few quick Christmas details!

Besides the Cocoa Station (see Monday's post!), I added these fun details that might help you in a pinch!

Hang a few ornaments on your entry way hooks! If you don't have hooks, hang them on door knobs or from your dining room light fixture at varying lengths.

Use a chalkboard and some pin-speration to create a warm little nook! I put this chalkboard next to a candle and some red berries in a jar.

I did the same thing here...but I put a few fabric Christmas trees by this chalkboard to add interest and texture.

A few other ideas.... light some Christmas-y candles for a pretty smell, put out cozy blankets, light a fire if it's cold, and put on some Christmas music on your record player or ipod! 

I'm certainly no decorating or entertaining expert, but I hope these tips for easy Christmas details help you with your next gathering!

Happy & Merry!

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