2012 Year in Review!

This year has been one of my favorites as a business owner. If you've recently joined me on S&W blog, I'd love to catch you up on the past year! If you've been with me all along on this journey, thank you so much for your support. It was a year of a lot of firsts, big excitement, and more dreaming which really built up to the new Specs & Wings that will launch in just a few days! 

January- I started the year getting over being sick but my heart was full and ready to take the "next steps" for S&W. I got my DBA, created a guestbook for a wedding, shared a few DIY projects, and had my very first article published in Artful Blogging Magazine!

February- This was a really exciting month! I had the opportunity to create flower clips for an entire wedding party, paint TOMS for a Valentines gift, hosted a HUGE giveaway on my blog, and designed packaging for a photographer!

March- I was able to paint a really sweet Irish proverb, a pair of Aggie Toms, and start The Canvas Project to help my friend Alison move to Africa!

April- More excitement happened this month as I continued painting for The Canvas Project, completed another pair of Aggie Toms, was honored to have my paintings displayed for Easter at Stonegate Fellowship, and had my blog banner featured in Artful Blogging's "Banners We Love".

May- Full of new adventures, this month brought British Invasion Toms, a beautiful triptych painting, "Flying Olive" hanging out at Celebration of the Arts (and being in the Sunday newspaper), a photo painting of a championship football team and my first international interview with the German blog, Sockshype!

June- After a nice little trip with my Jeremy, I got back to it fully refreshed! This was the first month I had sponsors on my blog and I painted Tattoo Toms, wedding chair signs and an "I Need Thee Remix" painting. (I also had major house fever!)

July- It was a busy month all around! I got new "specs" and got into hosting "Biz Heroes" series on my blog! I also painted a pair of wedding TOMS, a pair of word Toms, and a pretty flower triptych. The big news this month was....we found a house!

August- We were getting packed and starting to move to our new home so this month was full. I took a short break from custom work and had some fun with blogging! I featured a fun DIY, some organization ideas, and some photos of Toms as they started arriving to be custom painted!

September- I started accepting orders for Sept-Dec. and my calendar was full in a matter of days! I was blown away and excited to get started! This month I also started "One Liner Biz Advice" series on my blog, updated my Facebook Page and painted "Now and Then Aggie" Toms and "Army Bride" Toms.

October- Oh how I love Fall and I had plenty to do! I painted a pair of Tech Toms, a set of wedding signs and a pretty quote for a teacher! I also made fabric pumpkins to decorate my home and sell in my shop!

November- I painted SO MANY pairs of Toms this month, but my favorite pairs went to Rays of Hope's fundraiser! What a blessing to be a part of something they're doing! It was also the month I painted and shared 4 pairs of Texas Tech Toms in a row! I finished up all of my custom orders in time to take December off for the holiday!

December- This month I've enjoyed time to focus on family, our home at Christmas and preparing for lots of changes for S&W in 2013! I got to share some fun Christmas DIY's, a pair of sorority Toms, a big painting I did for my sister and a video trailer for the new S&W! There are lots of other Toms I'll be sharing soon since I had to keep them a secret until after the holiday...fun!

Thanks so much for checking out Specs & Wings 2012 Year in Review! It was a really fun year full of dreaming and challenges, I can't wait to see what next year brings! God is so good and I'm so blessed to have all of your love and support!

Happy New Year!!!

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