Specs & Wings Year in Review 2011!

It's been the most AMAZING year for Specs & Wings and I am so thankful for all of you joining me in this journey! Your support and encouragement keeps me going and I can't wait to begin another year of running my own art business! I feel so blessed that I get to create special things that might touch your lives in some way and I love that I've made friends with so many of you. I wanted to take a moment and look back over a year of new opportunities, new friendships, new adventures and lots of learning. ;)

January- I took this month to get organized! Jeremy and I cleaned out the closet in our studio space just for me. We put up shelves and loaded them with boxes of organized supplies (yay!) I also started selling my very first art print sets and painted a pair of TOMS for Jeremy's bday!

February- This was a really fun month! I started out trying to make a monthly newsletter, sewed my first custom pillow, made a birthday art journal, and met with Amanda McNeely about designing her packaging!!!

March- I worked really hard during this month for two of my favorite local events: Farmer's Market and Spring Fling with Pink Tumbleweed! This was also the first time I offered art print pocket mirrors!

April- I made 3 more art journals, created new braided headbands and necklaces for Farmer's Market and painted my Diana camera!

May- The most inspiring vacation I've had in a long time and just what I needed- the beautiful and arty town of San Fran! I also got to create a photo painting for a special 10 year anniversary and introduced Mini Flower Clips for the very first time! The "Imagination Explosion" event happened and all those months of sketching, designing, planning and building finally came to life!

June- I painted A LOT this month which is my favorite! I shared my favorite DIY and also painted the biggest paintings ever- 3x3ft and 3x4ft!

July- We hit the Farmer's Market in style with a new Flying Olive banner! I also sold brand new Flower Clutches and got to create a whole batch of mini flower clips for a girls night!

August- This was a really fun month! I got to sit down with Mari to design her very first solo photo studio space! I also introduced a new series of blog posts called "Ways to Wear it" and got to create a set of vintage style pillows!

September- This was the busiest month of the year! I created new Infinity Flower Scarves and introduced my first accessory collection and photos! I was asked to create paintings for a local business' anniversary party (40's themed that I got to dress up and attend!) and painted a really fun collage style painting!

October- This month I made lots of little fabric pumpkins, sold more at Pink Tumblweed and shared the story behind "The Silhouette Collection".

November- This was another busy month, but I loved it! I got to present Amanda McNeely Photography with two new packaging designs!!! I also finished another very large painting and got to see it come to life in my sweet friend's home. I painted an entire pair of TOMS with vintage cameras and sewed a new line of gloves and mittens!

December- This month I was finally able to slow down and finish up the years projects including a painting for a sewing room and my first ever wedding invitation design! I was also excited to design my very own set of Christmas cards, carve the stamps and hand print each one. I also felt honored to be a part of The Advent Conspiracy!

It was SUCH an amazing year and I'm so thankful for all God is doing and has done!
I can't wait to share another year with y'all, getting to know you better, sharing our creative lives and making new friends! This year will be hard to top, but I feel an adventure coming on!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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Katie Bailey said...

This is true inspiration for me. Seeing the freedom you have when creating only confirms the immense talent the Lord has provided you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations! I pray 2012 is filled with even more! Can't wait to see where this takes you!