Advent Conspiracy....Gift Tags!

Earlier this month I did a series of posts based on the Advent Conspiracy and offered to create free handmade donation tags to anyone who wanted to give the gift of clean water in a friend or family member's name. I was so thrilled to have an amazing response! Thank you for giving water to someone in need and for sharing awareness of the lack of clean water around the world! I wanted to show you a few of the photos I found from friends around the web....super cute ideas for next year!

Sweet Britt, from "Art By Britt" tied her tags to her beautifully wrapped gifts!

Don't they look awesome all together!?!

I love the way she personalized each tag!
Another sweet friend, Wynne from "Elder Adventures" and "Wynne Elder Photography" tied her tags to super cute, candy filled, Chinese take-out boxes! FUN! She and her husband have a fun tradition of hand delivering each gift to their friends....so fun! Check out their amazing story here!

Did you guys enjoy this season's series on the Advent Conspiracy? Would y'all be interested donation tags again next year? Thanks for your support and love, you guys are awesome!

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