Lyric Love.

Music has been really important to me in my life. I love the way it expresses feelings and words in a way that you'd never think possible. It's like art in that way. :)

I've been thinking about starting a sketchbook for a few months now. In the sketchbook I want to make notes of my favorite lyrics and use them to create and inspire new works of art. Of course you know that The Fray is my favorite band and we saw them a couple weeks ago in Dallas! I found these beautiful word creations on pinterest and they inspired me so much I thought I'd share....

Does music inspire you? Who is your favorite band? Song? Lyrics? I'd LOVE some help in starting my new sketchbook. Please comment with your favorite song lyrics to give me a jump start on my new project! I'd love for you all to be a part of it! Then I will share my sketches with you right here on my blog!

I'm excited to hear from you!
happy wednesday!

**Please check out the sources of these awesome images on my Pinterest!**

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