Saying Yes...

I just don't know what to say except....THANK YOU!!! It's because you were obedient to what God put on your heart that my sweet friend Alison is off to Rwanda this weekend! This girl amazes me! I hope you've been able to follow the journey this far, but in case you're just joining us...here's a little look back in the past couple months...

Once Alison saw sweet faces like this one...she was forever changed and she left her heart in Africa. When God called her back to MOVE there for a YEAR...she said YES!!! What an incredible example she is of walking in faith and going on the adventures God calls us to! I felt so excited and overwhelmed with joy to be a little part of Alison's fundraising. God has taught me so much through this process and through Alison. Our God is BIG! He's our provider, He will make a way, He moves hearts, He sends us out, He calls us to use our gifts for Him, He had already had made the way for Alison...but He allowed us to be a part of what He's doing! I also learned the pure joy and freedom that comes from painting for God and His purposes.

So, after starting with a shopping cart of blank canvases and a excited heart full of ideas...I ended up painting over 30 paintings in less than 2 months! This is something I never could have done on my own....God did something incredible! Only He could do this! :) He gave me strength, joy, encouragement, and endurance...even through a really busy season of life!

When He invited you to join what He was doing...just like Alison...YOU said YES!!! What an inspiration all of you are to me! Because of you....in just a few days Alison will be back here with these precious ones...

But you're part's not over! Alison still needs your prayers and you can still donate to her missionary journey.
Just visit SassandCrafts.com to keep up with Alison this year and find out how you can still help her and say YES! :)

With this canvas project ending... I'm so thankful for the experience and for such sweet time with the Lord, see His faithfulness again! I can't wait to hear more stories of His work and goodness in Alison to the people in Rwanda! :) Head on over to Alison's blog and leave her some love....

happy weekend!

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What a great project you get to be a part of!!

Have you seen these:

There's a tutorial here:

thought you might enjoy making new pillowcases!