By A Thread...

Ever feel like you're hanging on by a thread....look for the tea bag at the end of it...and drink up! Things will be looking up soon! :) Over the past few months when work got overwhelming and I couldn't get caught up on things...I wish I had realized I needed to stop and seek the peace that ONLY comes from Christ. I heard a beautiful sermon about peace over the weekend....you can hear it here under the "Well Ordered Heart Series: http://www.stonegatefellowship.com/www2012/sgtv.html
I still struggle with this, but I'm working on "stopping" and pursuing peace. How do you pursue peace?

I'm excited for this week because I have LOTS of great projects and ideas going and I can't wait to work on all of them!!! Sometimes that makes it hard to focus on one at a time..but I've got a list and a plan and I'll do my best! It's been a "rainy"/cloudy day here and I'm feeling like getting cozy...but I suppose making a cup of tea and being productive will be on the agenda for tonight. :)

Thanks to your great response and support on my new Custom TOMS and Sponsorships! If you're interested in any info on either..check out the links on the right side of my blog or email me at specsandwings@gmail.com.

happy day!

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