At this point in the painting project, I'm focusing more the next stage in Alison's adventure..the actual "going" part! Seems like for the first couple of months, the date of her move had a "soon" feeling to it. Now it's coming up really quickly and she'll be leaving in just a few weeks! I've loved hearing her heart about everything from, "how much shampoo do you pack for a year?" to anxiously wishing it was TODAY that she'd board the plane!

These paintings have her sweet little campers, but also the excitement of "going"! I hope that the new owners of these paintings will feel the hope and excitement of new opportunities everyday to go into our community and share God's love, just as Alison will be doing in Africa! :)

This painting is about a story near and dear to Alison's heart....be sure to ask her about it! It's a beautiful story....

Hop on over to Alison's etsy shop to get your very own original painting and help Alison get back to Rwanda in a few weeks! www.aholcombphoto.etsy.com

happy tuesday!

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