Twelve Dates of Christmas!

I got this fun idea from one of my favorite blogs, Rockstar Diaries! The idea is to make sure we spend some extra time enjoying the Christmas season together by planning to have Christmas dates!

So, last night we decided to go to the Midland College Holiday Evening! :)
It stared by hearing sweet singing and the beautifully lit tower...

Then we came inside for the art show and the beginning of our sugar coma....:)

Danielle had BEAUTIFUL ceramic pieces that we stared at in awe for a long time....I mean, look how amazing these are!!!

All of these beautiful feathers had a metallic finish to them...just lovely!

And this piece was a warm terra-cotta red color with touches of grey and so much incredible detail!

We wondered around the rest of the art show and started feeling the effects of the chocolate overload we had earlier, so we went over to the chapel. We had a blast reminiscing about our engagement there and enjoying the beautifully lit tree!

Such a fun Christmas date!!! We can't wait to celebrate Christmas time more this weekend! :)


Thanks so much for checking out all of the posts this week about giving. I hope they helped you think of some creative gifts for your friends and family! I've been working on the water donation gift tags and they're still up for grabs if you're interested! Please email me with how many you'd like and your address! I'm planning to send them out next week. :)

I hit a milestone of 1000 posts this week! I think that's cause to celebrate....how about a giveaway next week?!?

Hope your weekend is wonderful! Take time to enjoy Christmas!
happy friday!

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Kerstin said...

Wow, that's a lot of blogging! I enjoy your cheerful nature and creativity. P.S. - I like your "Toms in the snow" pic.