The Story of Flying Olive!

Some of you may have been wondering "What  is Flying Olive?" and "How did it come to be?"
 So today, I want to share the story of Flying Olive...

Danielle Kiser and I went through art school together at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. We were excited to spend our days learning more about art and creating like crazy! Every night after classes, I would change into sweat pants, zap my dinner, and walk over to Danielle's apartment (the next building over) for an "art party"! We collaborated on all kinds of projects and art shows and had amazing opportunities in college.

Near the end of our time in college, we each decided to open our own etsy shops and start blogging about our creative adventures! So, Danielle started her art business called "Olive Eyes" and I started mine called "Specs & Wings". We each had a really fun time trying out new opportunities and supporting each other's dreams.
Last summer, we discovered that Midland had a Downtown Farmer's Market that included local artists! We decided to sell our handmade goods for the first time ever at a local market! But what would we call our booth? Using two different names would be confusing....plus we decided to do this together, so we combined each of business names to create our shared business name..."Flying Olive"!

We decided to meet up and create our own logo so Danielle drew the olive with wings and I drew the face with glasses...

 Danielle carved our drawing into a rubber stamp and then we also painted a sign...

We LOVED creating all kinds of things and then set up our tables for the Midland Downtown Farmer's Market!!! This was our very first day to sell as "Flying Olive" together and we had a blast!
(all farmer's market photos by Kate Dominguez!)

.....then we kept coming every other weekend...

 ....and also started again this Spring!

We met the amazing Allison Tisdale at the market and she decided to carry our "Flying Olive" accessories in her new boutique, "Pink Tumbleweed"!

We were also thrilled to be a part of her "Spring Fling" booth! What an awesome opportunity!

Danielle and I still have art parties and create all kinds of things to sell together under the name "Flying Olive". We are are excited to see what other opportunities we will get to dive into together....or should I say "fly" into..... :)


Anonymous said...

Love love love it!
I love the skull hair clips you all used to make (I cannot remember if you guys made them together or if one of you made them individually). When will these be available again? :)
_Jessica Smith

Molly Swanson said...

Thanks Jessica!!!
Danielle made the skull hair clips and sold them at The Boutique for awhile! If you're interested in them, you should message her on fb or send her an email! She's just been getting back into making these kinds of hairclips! :)