Instead of Giving Presents....

This is another idea from the Advent Conspiracy book I'm reading. The fondest memories you have from Christmases past are probably not what gifts you got, but instead the TIME you spent with loved ones! Seems that some of the very best gifts you can give are the ones where you give of yourself. This doesn't cost much money, but it does require time and thought. It's similar to "Creative Giving", but giving your presence may leave the most lasting memory......more than any gift you could wrap!

Here are just a few ideas to get you started!!!

1. Have a Christmas party! It's the best to get all of your friends together and spend time celebrating together....can be a gift they'll never forget. :)

2. Volunteer! Giving your time to help someone who needs you in an AMAZING gift. Get your family and friends involved too.

3. Craft together! Build something! Cook a meal together! 

4. Clean someone's home, car, office, etc.

5.Take a surprise trip! Doesn't have to be far, but a getaway might be just what someone needs!

6. Movie night- make it a date, a girls night, or a party! 

7. Take a ride to look at Christmas lights together! :) (Be sure to include cocoa and Christmas music!)

8. Teach someone or buy them lessons- cooking, dancing, singing, yoga, golf, anything they love! (it's more fun if you get involved too!)

9. Old photo book/box dinner- open up a box of photos, memories and laughs over a meal! That way you'll be sure to have everyone together and telling stories long after dessert. :)

10. Make scrapbook together- of a family trip, holidays, birthdays, or even your wedding! Spend time talking about your favorite memories and be sure to write them in the book!

If you're wondering how to "give" a gift like this, here's a couple more ideas. You could wrap up a "gift certificate" or make a coupon book of activities to give away! Another way to give one of these gifts is to wrap up some things you could use during the time you'll spend together, like scrapbook supplies for creating a scrapbook, microwave popcorn for movie night, or a Christmas CD/gift card for cocoa for a Christmas light ride! Be sure to include a note too!

If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments! I can't wait to hear what y'all come up with!

happy *presence" day!

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