The Silhouette Collection: The Story

I wanted to share a little from my heart about "The Silhouette Collection" from Specs & Wings! I've been collecting ideas, color schemes, and textures for months and found some designs that really spoke to me about the Fall season of life. (You can see my inspiration board here!)

I started ordering fabrics that went with the feelings and colors I felt spoke of the season I love.....warm wool felt, bright oranges, soft blues, and of course a natural yellow color. After creating an assembly line for myself, I cut each fabric, stitched the flowers by hand, and added the necessary clips and pins! Each one lovingly made by hand and unique. 

Next, I wanted to try out using a model! This was my very first time to try it out, and I have to say, my sister Emily was the best model I could ever hope for! She's beautiful and has the cutest hair ever! 

My dad took some pictures of both of us as well! My mom supplied such fun ideas and supplies to go with the "Silhouette" theme! We used large frames and some silhouettes that my mom has of me and my sister  from our younger days! :) It was a family project! 

I edited the pictures and added in some of the designs that I used in the collection from Joel Dewberry's fabrics! I loved his modern touch and colors for fall.

I had a great time trying out vintage fabrics for the first time too! I chose two designs of vintage fabric to order and I think they made such lovely and meaningful accessories. The fabric is a dream to work with too!

So, why did I call this "The Silhouette Collection"? Well, it started with my vision for the first photo above. I loved the idea of incorporating something that is both vintage and modern into the collection. I chose both modern and vintage fabrics, colors, designs, and textures. I loved using both bright orange and damask,  warm brown woodgrain and graphic birds on branches, and even bold flower designs as well as soft genuine vintage florals! 

Something that I have since considered is the story of a silhouette. A silhouette is just the outline, nothing inside, no details...just darkness. It usually represents a person in the past or someone who has passed on. As time has gone on, silhouettes have been replaced with high quality digital photos in full color with pristine detail that shows who they truly are now! 
This is the story of my life as a Believer in Jesus Christ. The old me is gone, there's nothing there. My life was just darkness and hopeless until He saved me! He has filled me with life, color, detail, hope, love and a future with Him! If you want to know more about my story or if you want to share yours, please email me:  specsandwings@gmail.com

Thanks for letting me share my story! 
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Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! 

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