"Looking For Inspiration"

I'm excited to share a guest post from one of my very newest favorite artists....Alynn from "One Little Journey"! Be sure to check out her etsy shop too! I HAD to have some of her adorable postcards!

It has been raining a lot these days and i’m stuck at home... But hey, i’m sure i can find some inspirations around the house. Let’s see:
New set of paper samples from a supplier that i met earlier this week.
My pencils collection is growing.
Lovely texture.
Mini travel tips booklets from some old magazines.
My niece got bored with her toys and thought mine was more fun.
Give way, dino is here.
Camouflage-designed scarf.
Spot my favourite mug from marimekko.
alynn xx

Beautiful! thanks again Alynn!
happy friday all!

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